Sequential Whole Bladder Photodynamic Therapy (WBPDT) in the Management of Superficial Bladder Cancer

This website is a patient reference dedicated to the Whole Bladder Photodynamic Therapy (WBPDT) procedure.

Click for an html representation of the WBPDT brochure that I received when I was accepted in a clinical trial at the North Florida South Georgia Veterans Health System hospital in Gainesville, FL for Whole Bladder Photodynamic Therapy.

OR download the entire (2 pages) brochure in printable PDF format.

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Whole Bladder Photodynamic Therapy brochure

Page 2: Click here to read:
During treatment and Managing Exposure


Here is a link to the National Institute of Health (NIH) clinical trial for WBPDT.

After you read the brochure come back for a few personal observations as a participant in the clinical trial.